Monday, December 10, 2012

Experiencing Payments: First Square Wallet

As part of this road trip, I'll report on using a range of alternative payment methods.  And some of the old standbys:

Friday December 7

Broadway Barista, Square Register, and Square Wallet

Not so much.  I thought I'd loaded my card into the Square app on my Android phone.  With a patient barista, I tried to enter a Bank of America card into the app which promptly gagged on the card.  So, with a line behind me, I cancelled the Square app approach and tried to use the card.  Bad magstripe.  Another card worked but the alternative payment method sure felt awkward.  After the swipe, of course, Square reported that it's got a good card on file.  Just not the one I wanted.  At least the right picture of my mug is in the app.

Now, on to Starbucks to use Square.  And to a smaller retailer who uses Square Register.

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