Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Elegant Receipting on Mobile and via Email

"Rich" receipting is one of the advantages that the new payments players have to work with.  Unlike their terminal-bound, block mode character printing competitors, outfits like PayPal, Square, and LevelUp can use email to deliver a receipt, complete with merchant branding, and other information.  

Yesterday's post on Bank of America's Mobile Pay includes an image of its inferior receipt.  (See the bottom of the post for more on the receipting issue.  It's not pretty.)

Take a look at LevelUp's email receipt and reward calculations.  Very clean.  Tells me what I need to do next.  This one I received via email.

And here's what I received from LevelUp on my mobile.  It started with a push notification located at the bottom of this screenshot:

When I selected the LevelUp push notification, this screen was displayed:

Touching the "Show My Receipt" bar at the bottom displayed a mobile receipt.

That's a lot better looking than a piece of paper.  Or some half baked efforts.

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