Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meanwhile, Remote Mobile Acceptance Continues to Spread

I've got a lot more to write about the Smart Card Alliance 2013 Payments Conference in Salt Lake. (And about Salt Lake, too. It's an intriguing, friendly, and on the downtown streets, very quiet city). 

But before I go there again, literally and figuratively, proof that remote mobile payments are now firmly in the culture was abundantly clear on my taxi ride to Salt Lake City's friendly airport (my best TSA experiences are always in SLC - and I generally loathe the TSA process as pure security theater). 

My driver had a tablet based scheme that he didn't care for. He also uses Square. But his favorite is PayAnywhere because of the fact they actually have real customer service. They call him every two months to see how he's doing. They have phone support. They even answer the phone when he calls. They sent him a 1099 to help him prepare his taxes. The swiper works. He likes the fact that the tip calculator is on the top of the signature screen. The customer adds the tip when she signs for the transaction instead of beforehand like Square. He pays 2.69% v. Square's 2.75% and he gets customer service. 

He wondered how Square could manage without phone support.  

PayAnywhere provides detailed receipts, too, when compared to Square.

PayAnywhere is a registered ISO/MSP for HSBC Bank USA, NA, Buffalo, NY

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